Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy





Wicked Sanctuary Book 4

He wants nothing more than to ravish her for the rest of their lives.

Easygoing leather store owner, and whip-maker Colby Durham embraces whatever life throws at him. Now, he wants café owner Lara Meyer bound to him in every way possible. When Lara’s hired to cater an event at Wicked Sanctuary, Colby finally gets his chance. He’s tired of being alone and has wanted to start a relationship with Lara for a while. But will she understand the need for kink in his life?

Lara’s world has been filled with wealth and status, not that she cares. She broke away from her controlling family years ago and defied them again when she opened her café. When Colby enters her life, Lara finds herself entranced by this unusual man. He dresses leather, owns a leather shop, and knows and occasionally rides with bikers. But as much as she might want to get into a relationship with Colby, her family won’t leave her business and love life alone. If they discover what’s going on between her and Colby, it could ruin her chance at future happiness.

Together, Lara and Colby must negotiate a bond that can stand the test of outside forces.

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