Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy





Wicked Sanctuary Book 9

Wicked Sanctuary...leave your inhibitions at the door.

A man who fights fires.

A woman terrified of open flames.

An attraction that blazes past barriers.

In the flickering shadows of Wicked Sanctuary, a story of opposites unfolds. Elementary school teacher, Brianna Copeland yearns for something more in her quiet life. After a conversation with a friend, she is put on an unexpected journey.

Rafe Lyons, a hunky firefighter with a passion for fighting fire is surprised when Max pairs him with Brianna. This thrusts them into a dance of desire and discovery. Rafe is determined to help her get past her fear.

In the glow of Wicked Sanctuary’s seductive flame, can they find love in the midst of their burning desires? One that promises to be as scorching as it is unforgettable.

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