Marie Tuhart, Escape to an Erotic Fantasy





Wicked Sanctuary Book 8

Wicked Sanctuary...leave your inhibitions at the door.

They say opposites attract.

A woman who likes her life as it is, uncomplicated.

A dominant man who wants her.

Ellie Tanner loves her party planning business and the new adventure it brought her. Wicked Sanctuary. A place where she can stop thinking about everything all the time, forget for a while, and relax. Until sparks fly with the mentor she’s assigned. The authoritative, sexy man is a complication she doesn’t need.

Logan Wolfe never planned to mentor anyone, but when Max asks him to take on Ellie, he jumps in both feet first. From the first time he met her, the feisty woman woke a primal need he’d never known before. Throw in her innocence, sass, and a very different Halloween party and both their lives are changed forever.

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